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1. What is Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery?

Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery harnesses the patient's own fat and extracted fat-derived stem and regenerative cells to enhance areas on the body. This revolutionary option is currently available to patients in Europe. This cell-enriched procedure uses only natural components of the patient's body.

2. Who are candidates for this procedure?

Cell-Enriched Cosmetic Surgery may be right for patients if:
They desire a natural way to enhance parts of their body
They want to naturally enhance their body following aging, significant weight loss, tissue damage, or volume loss after breast feeding
They seek to refine their appearance
Patients need to be healthy and need to have an adequate supply of excess fat for this procedure.

3. What can this technique be used for?

There are many applications for cell-enriched fat grafting. We are using stem cell injections for facial rejuvenation as well as breast augmentation.

4. What are the key steps involved in cell-enriched cosmetic surgery?

Liposuction removes an amount of the patient's body fat, usually from the stomach, hips, or thighs. This part of the procedure usually takes one hour, but ultimately depends on the amount of fat to be removed. After liposuction procedure, stem cell enriched fat is injected into the desired area of the body.

5. How long does the procedure last?

On average, the entire procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours.

6. How will the patient's body look & feel after surgery?

Immediately after surgery the patient might expect bruising, swelling, and soreness in the treated areas.
The final results usually take shape over 2-3 months. The patient's body might appear larger first due to swelling and the fluid that was injected during liposuction. Gradually, the fluid is absorbed by the body and the swelling subsides. Once the patient's body recovers, she/he will be able to enjoy the benefits of this procedure with results that look and feel soft and natural.

7. What if the patient is skinny? Can the procedure still be performed?

The doctor will determine if fat can be harvested. If there is no excess fat – or not enough of it – the doctor may recommend using an alternative product, possibly in combination with cell-enriched fat to achieve the desired results.

8. Will the patient be able to feel the difference between grafted and non-grafted area?

The grafted areas look and feel natural just like other areas of your body.

9. What are traditional choices to restore volume in cosmetic surgery?

Injectible Fillers
Lipofilling (also known as Fat Grafting)

10. What are the advantages of using fat over other methods?

is biocompatible, easily accessible and available
produces aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results
no risk of rejection since the product is autologous and completely natural
2 in 1: liposuction + soft tissue enhancement

11. Why the addition of CELLS. What is the difference to traditional lipofilling?

The Two-in-One Benefit:
Fat is biocompatible, easily accessible and available
Fat produces aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking results
No risk of rejection using only natural components
Liposuction + soft tissue enhancement
+ Clinical experience to date has consistently shown that the results in patients who received cell-enriched fat are durable and long-lasting results, avoiding repeat procedures.

12. The procedure is new. Is it safe and effective?

Clinical experience to date has demonstrated that cell-enriched fat grafting is safe. In addition, cell-enriched fat grafting yields durable and long-lasting results for patients.

13. In the case of breast augmentation, by how many cup sizes can the breast be increased?

This procedure offers about a one to two-cup size enlargement and the enlargement will depend on the amount of spare fat the patient has.

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