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Fat Injection

It is now easier than ever to restore what time naturally takes away.

  • - This treatment is for younger patients suffering from a loss of 'face volume'.
  • - It is performed without general anaesthetic (under sedation or local anaesthetic).
  • - It takes around 30 minutes.
  • - Patients can go home same day.
  • - It is a scar-free procedure.
  • - The procedure is pain free and normal life can be resumed the next day.
  • - Minor swelling and bruising can occur depending on the amount of tissue used. This may last around 4-7 days.


Who are fat injections ideal for?

Contrary to popular belief, the first indication of facial aging is not actually the appearance and deepening of wrinkles on the skin. In fact, the problem is the melting of the fat pads that provide the face with volume, particularly in the mid-face. This is what can give the face an aged and tired expression.

Wrinkle formation on the face usually becomes noticable in the late 30s. But actually, the face slowly starts losing volume at the beginning of the 30s, especially when the melting of the fat pads under the eyelids starts. The middle part of the face becomes drained off, the overall look becomes harsher, the lines on the face become deeper and the eyelids may begin to sag.

The good news is that it is possible to solve all of these problems at once by re-filling the drained area in mid-section of the face with the patient's own fatty tissue.

How do fat injections work?

We currently have two ways to transfer fat. These methods are 'conventional fat injection' and 'micro fat transplantation'. The difference between these two methods is the persistence of the amount injected. In the first method, fat is injected plain as a mass while in micro fat transplant, the fat is derived at low pressure to avoid damage, is processed and injected into the tissue gently, layer after layer in very small quantities. With this method, the dissolution rate of the fat cells is reduced from 80% to 30-40%, that is to say the 'persistency' of fat in the face is increased.

Micro injection also prevents fluctuations in the face as well as excessive swelling. In addition, since cells remain alive in the body, a single injection usually provides adequate results. With this technique, it is possible to fill up areas on the face where drooping or draining is experienced due to aging (cheeks, upper cheekbones, jaw line and around the lips) with fat that we have taken from the abdomen, hips, waist or legs.

How long does fat injection last?

It lasts around 30 minutes.

What are the advantages of fat injection?

Use of a local anaesthetic makes this a pain-free procedure. It is an effective and painless way to regain the lost volume on the face and create a more youthful look.

Are there any scars left after fat injection?

Since fat injections are applied by entering from needle punctures, no scars are left after the surgery.

When can the patient go back to normal life after fat injection?

The patient can go go back to normal life in 1 to 2 hours. Slight oedema and bruising may be experienced for 4 to 7 days, depending on the amount of fat injected. These symptoms will disappear on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be taken into account before a fat injection?

As with all surgical procedures generally, patients should avoid using blood thinners, and should limit alcohol consumption and smoking as much as possible. Ideally they should stop altogether in the two days leading up to surgery.

What should be taken into account post surgery?

You can wash your face the after fat injection. Daily creams and oedema reducing creams can also be used. Makeup can be worn. Ice application for the first three days is usually beneficial in reducing oedema. We recommended avoiding sports activities for two weeks.

Are the results of fat injection permanent?

Fat injection is one of the most successful non-surgical face rejuvenation techniques today. On average, 50% of the fat injected is absorbed and 40 to 50% is permanent for life.


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