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Eye Lid Procedures | Blepharoplasty

For those young and lively looking eyes again.

- The procedure is for genetically inherited or aging-oriented eye deformations.
- It is performed without general anaesthesia but under sedation or local anaesthesia.
- The operation takes approximately 25 to 50 minutes.
- The patient is released to go home that same day.
- Since the scars are hidden between the crasis of the lids, no visual scars are left.
- No pain is experienced..
- Normal life can be resumed immediately although very small paper bands are used which are released in 4 days time.


Why do eyelids become deformed?

Genetic based or age-related deformation on the eye lids can give a person a permanently tired and aged expression. Eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, is an attempt to restore these deformations, providing the face with a livelier and more youthful expression.

As we know, changes begin to take place on the face after the age of 35. The main reason for this is the retraction of the bones under the upper and lower eyelid which creates a loosening of the skin. In order to resolve this and create a natural looking result, treatment is required to restore the tissue loss with tissue transplants and remove the excess skin in this area.

What is Blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetics)?

Blepharoplasty involves two essential elements. By taking the excess skin and herniated fat tissue, we create a younger, livelier and more attractive appearance on the eyelids. In  some cases, extreme sagging of the upper eyelid can even prevent the patient from seeing, so the operation can restore normal vision. Blepharoplasty incisions are made to follow the natural lines of the eye lids. In the upper eye lids, these cuts are hidden between creases and in the lower eye lids, just below the eye lashes, so there are no  visible scars.

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Who is eyelid surgery best for?

The skin over the eyes is the thinnest skin on our body and is therefore the first to wrinkle. Over the years, deformation increases as the midface bones retract. This situation affects the placement of both of the eyebrows, the eyelids, the eye muscles, and the fat layer. Although some deformations in the eye area can be corrected temporarily for a period of time by interfering with procedures like botox; eyelid surgery provides a permanent solution. Eyelid surgery is ideal for any person, at any age with these deformations.

Eye lid

How long does an eyelid surgery last?

Eyelid operations are simple operations performed under local anaesthesia or sedation. Lower eyelid surgery lasts an hour in total. Upper eye lid surgery lasts half an hour in total, 15 minutes for each eye. If the lower eye lid and upper eye lid surgeries are done together, the operation will be complete in one and a half hours.

When can the patient go back to normal life after eyelid surgery?

The patient may return home the same day and read and watch TV comfortably the next day. It is possible to return to normal life using sunglasses within 1 to 2 days. Sutures are removed within one week of surgery. Once the sutures are removed, the oedema and light bruising that might occur around the eye becomes easier to hide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors to be considered before an eyelid surgery?

As with all surgical procedures, it is necessary to stop using blood thinners three weeks before the operation. In order to avoid problems during the healing period, it is advisable to limit smoking as early as 2 to 3 weeks.

What are the factors to be considered after the surgery?

After an eyelid aesthetical operation, thin short bands are placed in the operated area, but there is no need to close the eyes totally. During the healing period we advise patients to use a high pillow. Since this operation has a generally easy healing period, the patient can return to normal life after resting for one or two days . There may be a certain amount of swelling in the first few days following surgery.

Why might you choose to have a lower eyelid aesthetical operation?

Aged or problem skin under the eyes can give the face a lifeless, tired and old expression. Under-eye bags can cause a person to look haggard and sleep deprived, and circles under the eyes can be so dark that it is impossible to mask them without heavy makeup. Symptoms like these may develop due to genetic factors or bad nutrition, stress or insomnia. ‘Hollowed’ eyes can create a shadow effect and cause a dark, purple ring around the eyes. All of these problems can be solved easily with eye aesthetics.

When is an upper eyelid aesthetical operation necessary?

When we meet someone, the eyes are usually the first place we look, but time can be be cruel to the eye area and show up the first signs of aging. Excess skin on the upper eyelid can collect on top of the eyes, damaging the overall aesthetic of the eye area and sometimes even collapsing onto the eye and impacting vision. This can be resolved with a simple procedure, which not only brings back a youthful and vivid expression to the eyes, but also eliminates related vision disorders.

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What is the minimum age for eye lid operations?

There is no minimum or maximum age limits specified for eyelid surgeries. Minor deformations occurring around the eyes at early ages can usually be solved by non-surgical procedures. However, as age advances or, as the level of deformation increases, non-surgical procedures become insufficient. In these cases, the only real solution is the eyelid surgery. There is no upper age limit specified for this surgery.

Are there any scars after eyelid surgery?

Excess skin from the upper eyelid is removed and sutured into the line that is already present in this area. If there is excess skin in the lower eyelid, the skin is opened up with a line just below the eyelashes, the herniated fat is removed and the lower eyelid is secured. No scars are visible since the suture line is kept just below the eyelashes.

What is the right timing for eyelid surgeries?

There is no particularly favourable time  for eyelid surgery, although the patient’s eyes should not be directly exposed to sunlight so summer may not be advisable if you have a holiday planned. It is possible to do this surgery at any time with regular sunglass usage after the surgery.

Can an eyelid surgery be combined with different operations?

Eyelid operations can be performed alone or in collaboration with other facial operations such as a face lift. Eyelid surgery on its own provides a certain amount of revitalisation to the upper area of the face, but integrating this with surgery on the forehead, brows and any sagging areas can provide very satisfying results for the patient.


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