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Endoscopic Tummy Tuck

Achieve the perfect workout tummy after the operation with no pain at all.

- It is performed on patients whose skin elasticity is fine but abdominal muscles are loosened.
- It is performed under general anaesthesia.
- The operation takes one and a half hours on average.
- Patient is cared for one night at the hospital.
- The scar is hidden under underwear.
- The patient can return to normal life in 3 to 4 days.
- A compression garment must be worn for 3 weeks.
- Pregnancy can be planned after 1 year.

What is endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

The development of technology and surgical techniques provides plastic surgeons with new possibilities every day. Problems that used to require major surgical operations in the past, are easily resolved today using developing technologies and new methods that satisfy both surgeons and patients.

The greatest improvement is the change in surgical techniques that have been used for the longest time. Endoscopic aesthetic surgeries are now standard. Using this method, face lifts, cheek sutures and even tummy tuck operations can be performed with almost no visible scars.

Endoscopic tummy tuck is the restoration of the abdomen by stretching the abdominal muscles from inside with a compression garment without removing any skin.

tummy tuck

Who is endoscopic tummy tuck good for?

It is possible to stretch the tummy with an endoscope instead of cutting the tummy all the way in patients with only mild sagginess but no excess skin. These patients are usually young patients, they are not overweight and may have given birth just once.

How is an endoscopic tummy tuck performed?

Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery is performed by entering the abdomen with an endoscope and narrowing the abdominal wall inside. By entering from a small incision, the muscles inside are restored by collecting them together in the middle line. In other words, with a type of inner corset, the belly is narrowed and the abdomen is restored.

How long does endoscopic tummy tuck surgery last?

This surgery usually lasts around one and a half hours. The patient spends one night in the hospital and can go home the next day.

What are the advantages of endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

Endoscopic tummy tuck is also known as the scarless tummy tuck. The common concern in tummy tuck surgeries is the scars left after the surgery. Here, the operation is performed through an incision 2 cm in length from the caesarean spot. It is safe to say that its greatest advantage is that it is scarless.

When can the patient return to normal life following endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

With developing technologies, after an endoscopic tummy tuck surgery, bleeding, bruising and swelling is very limited, making the return to daily life much faster. The patient will pend one night in the hospital after the surgery and in 4 to 5 days on average, they can return to their normal routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors to be considered before endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

As with all surgical procedures generally, it is necessary to abstain from taking blood thinners, limit drinking alcohol and smoking as much as possible and ideally, stop altogether in the last couple of days before the surgery.

What should be considered after endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

After the endoscopic tummy tuck surgery, the patient comes to the hospital room dressed in a compression garment. They will need to wear this compression garment for three weeks. Light walks can start immediately after the surgery but it is advised to wait one and a half months before undertaking any heavy exercise. In the post-surgical period abstaining from smoking will positively affect the healing of the wounds.

Are there any problems with getting pregnant after endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

Endoscopic tummy tuck surgery will solve most of the problems in the abdomen area. But if the patient gains or loses weight after the surgery (or gets pregnant), a certain amount of the end results can be lost.

Are the results of endoscopic tummy tuck surgery permanent?

If the person has a balanced diet, does not gain and lose weight and does not increase levels of fat on the abdomen, the results of the surgery will be permanent. Exercising will help to strengthen the stretched muscles help the surgery results remain permanent.

Does the shape of the belly-button distort in an endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

Since the surgery performed by entering from a small incision, neither the shape nor the place of the belly button will change.

What is the minimum age for an endoscopic tummy tuck surgery?

Endoscopic tummy tuck is for patients who have good skin elasticity but loosened abdominal muscles. For this operation, the level of elasticity of the skin in the abdominal area is important rather than the upper age limit. If there is loosening and sagging in the abdomen, this deformation can only be restored by removing the loose and problematic skin. In this case, an abdominoplasty surgery is preferred.

Can an endoscopic tummy tuck and liposuction be performed simultaneously?

For the right patient and with the correct planning, an endoscopic tummy tuck and liposuction can be done simultaneously.

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