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Breast Reduction

Free yourself from breast discomfort with a tiny scar. Not only can you enjoy proportionally perfect breasts but you also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

- This operation aims to reduce breast volume and achieve an ideal breast shape.
- It is performed under general anaesthesia.
- The operation takes 1.5 to 2 hours on average.
- Patients can usually go home the same day.
- The lift usually involves an incision made to circle the nipple (areola), going straight downwards which can sometimes turn into an inverted T shape, depending on the size of the breasts.
- Pain is rare but if occurs it is treatable with simple painkillers. Bandages are released 2 to 3 days after the operation and the patient can go back to normal life.Usage of sports bras are obligatory for 3 weeks.

Who are the ideal candidates for breast reduction (mammoplasty)?

Mammoplasty is a surgery performed on people who are dissatisfied with their breast size and/or suffer from sagging breasts. This may be due to anatomical reasons, like pregnancy or weight gain.

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People whose breasts are too big for their body size often complain of back pain, tissue smashes caused by bras and skin irritations. Breast reduction surgery for these patients will not only increase their self-esteem with its aesthetical benefits but at the same time will make life easier in terms of health and quality of life.

Breasts have an important role in women's psychology. After all breast surgeries, patients talk about new confidence in themselves. This can also have positive effects on their posture and the way they carry themselves. 

How is breast reduction (mammoplasty) surgery performed?

In breast reduction operations, excess tissue and skin is removed and the breast is redesigned to meet the desired size. The nipple is relocated to the required position without detaching from the breast. This way, not only is the breast reduced, but it is also lifted. In breast reduction operations, the aim is to give the breast a completely symmetrical form in good proportion with the body.

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The method and the amount of tissue to be removed are determined according to the condition of the patient's breasts. During surgery,skin is opened up, the nipple lifted without disconnecting it from the breast tissue and excess tissue and skin is removed. A big advantage of this technique is that the nipple is not disconnected from the breast. This way, the milk ducts are mostly not cut off so it does not prevent breastfeeding and there is no loss of sensation.

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How long does a breast reduction surgery last?

Among aesthetic operations, breast surgery is positioned as among the most simple and painless procedures. The operation time of this surgery is around 2 hours.

What are the advantages of breast reduction surgeries?

After a breast reduction surgery, the patient will be relieved of all discomfort caused by large and heavy breasts such as back pain, smashed tissues caused by bras, skin irritations and posture disorders. After surgery, the patient can enjoy symmetrical, firm breasts, shaped in the desired way and proportionate with her body. Other problems such as not being able to wear desired clothes and restrictions on some physical activities are of course eliminated after breast surgery.

Are there scars left after a breast reduction surgery?

As with many aesthetic surgeries, breast surgery leaves minor scars. Over time, these scars turn into fine, white lines that are not easily visible. In breast reduction surgery, the scar, if breast size is not excessive, is lollipop shaped, around the areola (nipple head) and spans from top to bottom. In cases where the breast size and degree of sagging is not suitable for a lollipop shape, the scar sits around the areola and in an inverted T shape. It is up to the patient to decide whether the scar is a small price to pay for proportionate breasts that no longer cause inconvenience or discomfort.

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When can the patient go back to normal life after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery does not require a hospital stay, so the patient can go home the same day. It is necessary to wear sports bras for 3 weeks. The post-operational period should be easy and pain-free. Showers are permitted after 48 hours and the patient can return to work after 4 days. Driving is allowed after 10 days. Swimming and sunshine can be enjoyed after 2 weeks and light exercise after 3 weeks. The sutures are dissolvable so do not need to be removed. There may be swelling, numbness in the nipple and slight bruising in early stages. This will disappear after a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors to be considered before a breast reduction surgery?

We always recommend patients have a breast ultrasound before a breast augmentation operation. Patients should avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin and painkillers containing ibuprofen and flu medicine for at least one week before surgery. It is also recommended not to consume substances known as blood thinners such as Vitamin E ginseng, green tea, herbal teas and flax seeds. Patients should stop smoking at least one week before surgery.

What factors should be considered after breast reduction surgery?

We recommend use of sports bras for 3 weeks after breast reduction surgery. Mild pain can be experienced in the first days after the operation but this is easily controlled by simple painkillers.

Does breast reduction surgery prevent breastfeeding?

In breast reduction surgery the ducts are not disturbed because the nipples are not disconnected from the breasts. For this reason, unless there are special circumstances, the operation will not prevent breastfeeding.

Are the results of breast reduction surgery permanent?

It is possible to obtain permanent results in breast reduction operations. The shape of the chest sets fully in the 3 months after the surgery. In time,  the form may naturally change with aging and gravity. For the best longterm results, patients should maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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