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Breast Augmentation

Natural looking breasts in perfect proportion with your figure.

- Using the 3D Imaging System, the ideal silicones, perfectly proportioned with the figure of the patient are selected.
- It is performed by general anaesthesia.
- The operation takes 1 to 1.5 hours on average.
- The patient can go home the same day.
- The scars are kept under the breast meaning they are easily covered but minimal scars are left.
- Pain is possible and treatable with simple pain killers. Bandages are released 3 days after the operation and the patient can go back to normal life. Sports bras are obligatory for 3 weeks. 

What is breast augmentation surgery?

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and many women strive for the perfect pair. Occasionally, congenital problems can affect the size and shape of the breasts, sometimes shrinkage and shape and fullness of the breasts can be negatively affected by breastfeeding and pregnancy. In some cases this deformation is minimal, and other times not. There are many reasons why women may choose to have their breasts augmented in order to feel better.

If the patient is unhappy about sagging or small breasts, implants may not be sufficient to solve the problem. Sometimes the best solution is to plan a breast augmentation surgery which incorporates implants.

Two different methods are used in breast augmentation surgery. While the breast augmentation with patient’s own fat is an option, breast augmentation using implants is still the most popular method. Due to the technology, filling, softness, durability and shape of silicones used today, natural results can be obtained in breast augmentation operations using implants.

When this operation is performed, the breast itself is not incised. So, silicone surgery does not prevent breastfeeding and does not have to be removed in pregnancy.

Breast augmentation surgeries with implants are among the most popular surgeries in the last 10 years. This is due to the increased reliability of the implants and techniques used – and of course the ease of surgical procedures.

How are the implants selected for breast augmentation surgeries?

The most important criterion for choosing the implant is assessing the physical features of the patient. The age and height of the patient; the shape of the rib cage, the shape and size of the breast are analysed in order to choose the appropriate implants.

An analog simulation is performed with the 3D imaging system during the examination to determine which implants will be suitable for the patient's chest measurements. During this time, the patient has the chance to see how their post-operative breasts will look.

Breast Ag

Older technology implants have been known to break and leak for a variety of reasons, but advancements in medical technology mean that today's implants are infallible, even if cut with a knife. These new generation implants are very resistant to pressure and impact. For this reason, they are called Life Time, that is, used for life. They do not need to be changed over time or for reasons such as pregnancy.

breast a

There are two types of Life Time implants that we use today. One of them is round and the other is a drop-shape implant. Rounded silicones make the upper breast look fuller, whereas drop-shaped silicones lift the breast more from below and create a very natural looking results.

breast aug

Life Time implants are designed to be almost the same consistency as the breast tissue so move naturally with the body and feel natural to the touch.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

The first thing to know about breast augmentation surgery is that the breast itself will never be incised while operating. That means surgery does not affect breastfeeding and implants do not have to be removed during pregnancy. Placing the implant in the back of the breast rather than inside the breast does not trigger a risk of breast cancer.

With the latest innovations in surgical techniques, silicone is no longer placed just behind the breast tissue or under the muscle. Silicones placed underneath the breast tissue used to lift the breasts well, but could create an unnatural ‘swell’ (silicone look) in slim women. The other option was to place the implant under the muscle. This latter option restrained the silicone look but prevented the breast from being sufficiently lifted.

ResizedImage600225 meme estetigi img01

The dual plan technique is a combination of these two techniques, providing the advantages of both placements and eliminating the  disadvantages. In breast augmentation surgeries performed with this technique, the upper chest view is extremely natural and at the same time, a drop shape look with a sufficient volume below is obtained.

ResizedImage600225 meme estetigi img02 

How long does breast augmentation surgery last?

Breast augmentation surgery last 1 hour on average.

What are the advantages of breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation using implants has become one of the most popular surgeries in the last 10 years. The reason for this is the increasing reliability for implants and the techniques and developments in the surgical methods.

The fact that these procedures are painless and can be completed in one hour has increased demand for these surgeries.

When can the patient go back to normal life after breast augmentation surgery?

Patients are released out of the hospital the same day after surgery. They can usually return to work after 3 to 4 days. Mild to moderate pain that may occur after the operation is controlled by  painkillers. It is not a painful operation in general. No serious bruising or swelling is observed after the operation. It is possible to completely return to normal life at the end of one week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main factors to be considered before breast augmentation surgery?

We always recommend patients have a breast ultrasound before a breast augmentation operation. Patients should avoid using blood thinners such as aspirin and painkillers containing ibuprofen and flu medicine for at least one week before surgery. It is also recommended not to consume substances known as blood thinners such as Vitamin E ginseng, green tea, herbal teas and flax seeds. Patients should stop smoking at least one week before surgery. 

Are the scars visibe?

The scars become nearly invisible in time, particularly with the submammary approach.

breast augm

What should be considered after breast augmentation surgery?

There is no need to stay in the hospital after a breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended to use sports bras for 3 weeks after the surgery. Mild pain can be experienced but this can  be easily controlled by simple painkillers. Ae patient may have the surgery on Thursday and start taking showers on Saturday, go to work on Monday and after another week  she may start to do light exercise. The sutures are dissolvable so do not need to be removed. There may be swelling, numbness in the nipple and slight bruising in the early days, but these symptoms will disappear shortly.

Does breast augmentation surgery prevent breastfeeding?

Breast augmentation surgery does not prevent breastfeeding since the procedure is performed without coming into contact with the milk glands and ducts.  

How long are breast implants durable for?

The Life-Time Dual Plane silicones that we use with their new technological advancements can last for life and there is no evidence of wear, tear or deformation over this time.

Does breast augmentation surgery increase cancer risk?

A lot of international research has been conducted on this issue for years. As a result of these researches, it has been proved repeatedly that breast implants do not increase the risk of cancer in any way.


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